Cover Models on Romance Books


Visions of the Heart
by Emily Carmichael
Published in 1990 by Warner Books

Texas Fire
by Caroline Bourne
Published in 1989 by Zebra Books

Texas Touch
by Emma Merritt
Published in 1992 by Zebra Books

Wild Scottish Embrace
by Rebecca Sinclair
Published in 1991 by Zebra

Texas Splendor
by Bobbie Smith
Published in 1988 by Zebra Books

Rough and Tender
by Seline MacPherson
Published in 1991 by Avon

Scoundrel's Captive
by Joanne DeLazzari
Published in 1991 by Avon

Paradise in his Arms
by Elizabeth Daniels
Published in 1992 by Leisure Books

If you know of a title that contains Fabio on the cover please email us and suggest it.

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