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Cheyenne - Born Indian, raised white, he swore he'd die a free man.

Title: Pathfinder
Published: March 1994

An Indian raised in the white man's world, Touch the Sky never forgot the kindness of the settlers. Even after he returned to his tribe, he tried to help the frontiersmen whenever possible. But an old friend's request to negotiate a treaty between the Cheyenne and gold miners brought the young brave face to face with a cunning warrior. If Touch the Sky couldn't defeat his new enemy, he and the prospectors would be massacred, and the territory would never again be safe for pioneers.

Title: Buffalo Hiders
Published: June 1994

Once the buffalo blackened the plains in uncounted numbers, providing the Cheyenne with food, clothing, tools and skins for shelter. Then the white hunters appeared with powerful .53 Hawken rifles and the slaughter began. Still, a few pockets of these magnificent beasts remained and Touched the Sky swore he would protect them. Trouble was, Cheyenne lands were about to be invaded by two hundred veteran mountain men and Indian killers bent on wiping out the remaining buffalo. It might have been a fair fight, until Touch the Sky discovered the vicious hiders had an ally - the U.S. Cavalry.

Title: Spirit Path
Published: September 1994

Might in strength and belief, the Cheyenne trusted their tribe's shaman to protect them against great sickness and barren hunts, deadly betrayal and bloddy defeat. Whoever controlled the medicing would lead the people. Trained as a shaman, Touch the Sky had used strong magic time and again to save the tribe. Still, the warrior was feared and distrusted as a spy for the white men who raised him. Then a rival accused Touch the Sky of bad medicine, and if he couldn't prove the claim fals, he'd come to a brutal end - and the Cheyenne would face utter devestation.

Title: Renegade Siege
Published: December 1996

Born the son of a great chieftain, Touch the Sky was raised by frontier settlers. Though he returned to his father's people to protect his tribe, he knew that without his help many of his white friends would be slaughtered like sheep. For Touch the Sky's blood enemies had surrounded the pioneer mining camp with renegade braves and were preparing to sweep down on it like a killing wind. If the might shaman could not hold off the murdurous attack, the settlers would be wiped out...and Touch the Sky's own camp would be next!

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