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Author - John Jakes

Title: Mention My Name In Atlantis
Published: DAW October 1972

This is the story of how a barbaric cheiftain, washed up on the shores of that legendary land, caused its fall. It is the fast moving, yet hilarious, novel of the last king of Atlantis, of a cunning merchant who outsmarted himself, of a slave girl who refused to be docile, and of the first coming of the UFO's, whose return to Earth have been witnessed by innumerable modern Americans.

Title: I, Barbarian
Copyright: 1959 Jay Scotland
Copyright: John Jakes 1976
Cover Illustration: Dean Cate

Title: The Man From Cannae
Copyright: 1977 John Jakes
Cover Illustration: Len Goldberg
Published: November 1977

Between War and Love - Amidst a savage war and treacherous political intrigue, two people met and felt the passionate desires of a seemingly impossible love. He was just a common soldier in Rome's Legions, recovering from the disastrous battle of Cannae. She was a Greek widow, step sister to the ruler of Syracuse. Together they attempted to withstand the forces of Hannibal's great army...

Title: Veils of Salome
Published: October 1976
Cover Illustration: Dean Cate