Kismet Series

Kismet #2
No Hiding Place
Author - Brooke Sinclair
Copyright 1990 Kandius Brooks
Artist - 1990 Michael R. Powell

When the agency van pulled up in front of the small antique shop on Cape Cod, Dr. Matthew Stone was not impressed. He found it hard to believe that this quaint little store could serve as a safehouse for him. And he doubted that the pretty blond agent inside could protect him from a pack of blood-thirsty terrorists. But Corey Hamilton had proven her worth to the agency time and time agian. A crack electronics experts, she had served her country well for ten years - until the day one mission ended in tragedy. Since then she'd been on leave, hiding from the spy world, living each day in the company of familiar antiques and cheerful tourists. Matt Stone's case seemed easy...until she had to spend time with him behind closed doors.

Kismet #82
Call Back Our Yesterdays
Phyllis Houseman
Artist - Daniel Mark Duffy
Published 1992

As a boy, Miquel O'Brian had tried to fit in with the Pueblo people on the New Mexico reservation. The jet black hair and coppery skin he'd inherited from his mother marked him as one of their own, but the green eyes and the tall frame from his Irish ancestors reminded Miquel that he was different. Driven to make his own place in the world, he finished college and joined the Peace Corps. In the process he found a woman so lovely she could make the legendary Pueblo gods dance in the heavens. With blond hair and amber eyes, Laura Nordheim was a dream come true. Their interlude together in South America was magical, yet all too brief, as Miguel realized he'd fallen in love with a woman who was out of his league - a woman who could never marry a half-breed raised on an Indian reservation. Fifteen years later, it was a different man who crossed paths with Laura in a posh San Francisco hotel. Could they rebuild their lives around a wild, reckless love?

Kismet #128
Lady In Black
Author - Christina Dodd
Cover art copyright by Daniel Mark Duffy
Published in February 1993

Reid Donovan was not surprised to find a butler serving his grandfather. At the age of ninety-two, the head od Donovan Corp. deserved a household staff. What shocked Reid was the fact that his grandfather's major-domo ws a sexy blond bombshell with big blue eyes and curves in all the right places. Considering the recent kidnappng threats his grandfather had recieved, Reid didn't think the lady butler was a good idea....

Kismet #135
Midnight Sun
Author - Vella Munn

The Great White North...Brand Lockwood would never forget the collapse. The earth rumbled. Steel girders tumbled to the ground. Concrete crumbled into dust. As the dust settled, Brand made a promise. Never again would he be a victim of another man's negligence and greed. He would manage his own construction sites, even if it meant taking jobs in the isolated wilderness of Alaska's Klondike region. Kara Richardson was accustomed to physical labor. Despite her slender build and silky black hair, she could handle a bulldozer as well as any man....

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