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Magnolia Road was a Pre-Civil War Historical Series

There was perhaps no place in history more filled with romance and beauty than the old South in the days before the Civil War. Now, journey down Magnolia Road and visit the most majestic plantations of that gracious era...

Title: Louisiana Heat
Author: Jennifer Stevens
Published: March 1992

Langtry - With its graceful columns and wide galleried wings, the great plantation house of Langtry sat like a jewel on the banks of the Mississippi. Surrounded by sweeping vistas of emerald lawn and sapphire sky, Langtry's seven thousand acres were the pride of the River Road - and the sweet haven Brynna Stanton yearned for...

As the cicadas whirred in the thick, hot grass, the peace of Langtry seeped into Brynna's very soul. When she'd come to live on her aunt's Louisiana sugar cane plantation, Brynna never expected to find such joy - or the chance to stay there forever as the bride of Temple Sinclair, her aunt's disturbingly handsome stepson. Content to have a marriage inspired by the size of her dowry rather than love, Brynna accepted Temple's very practical proposal. But all too soon the innocent b eauty realized that her husband planned to savor everything she had to offer...including passions she never dreamed she possessed! (oh brother)

Title: Sultry Nights
Author: Charla Cameron (aka Gloria Dale Skinner)
Published: June 1992

Live Oaks - Nothing in the world was as precious to Caramarena (no, I'm not kidding and there's no typo) Cantrell than the early evenings at Live Oaks, the few moments after the last ray of daylight faded and stillness stole over the elegant plantation house. Just listening to the muted rhythym of the Apalachicola River provided the young mistress of the house with a sense of serene beauty she had never found anywhere else.

But Caramarena's moments of peace ended the day Asher Worthy strode on to the great lawn of the plantation looking for her ailing father. That handsome young English ship owner set the house in a turmoil with his talk of a business alliance. Caramarena sensed that the rogue was hiding something behind his schemes. But his searing gaze drew her to him, and his demanding kisses warned her to tread carefully. For once she was caught in his strong embrace and held willing captive to the head of his need, she feared she might lose herself and her home forever for a glorious moment of passionate surrender!

Title: Alabama Twilight
Author: Danette Chartier (aka Annette M. Chartier-Li and Danette Fertig Thompson)
Published: March 1993

Rose of Heaven - Bounded by lush, untouched timberland, rich cottonfields and sweeping magnolia trees, Rose of Heaven was one of the grandest estates in Alabama. And Treasure McGlavrin had vowed to keep it just so - for herself, for her sisters and for the memory of her beloved father...

Then the drifter strolled up the plantation drive and laid claim to it all. But slender, fiery haired (someone call the FD if her hair is truly on fire) Treasure McGlavrin was determined to hold onto her home - no matter what the cost. Until Donovan River took her in his arms. And suddenly, she could no more get the handsome, black-eyed loner out of her heart (how does he fit in there?) than she could get him off her land. She could no more resist the tempestuous fire of his sweet kisses and urgent caresses than a reed in the wind...nor did she want to...

Title: Promise of Eden
Author: Millie Criswell
Published: December 1993

Beauclaire - Guarded by ancient oaks, graced by delicate dogwood and surrounded by sprawling tobacco fields, Beauclaire sat proudly on the scenic banks of the Rappahannock River. One of Virginia's most coveted plantations, it was also Eden Fairchild's birthright - the beloved home she would risk anything to keep...But her precious heritage was about to fall into the hands of Clay Braxton.

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