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What was this series about?

According to the back of the book...

The sweep of the past...
the warmth of romance...
the lure of faraway places-
all come together in a new exciting series

There seem to be a number of minor changes to the logo, and the differing publishers that did this line. For instance, Harlequin Historical Number 1 (see below) has the same cover layout and the same passage (The sweep of the past...) as those editions which just say Masquerade, have the mask in the upper left hand corner (as you look at it) and are published by Worldwide Library. Then there is also the Masquerade Historical Romances that were published with a red rose of Mills and Boon which I would assume were the Great Britian print runs. I was going to say that I haven't seen the same covers and titles that are on the Mills and Boon also on Masquerade (with the mask) or Harlequin Historicals but in the 400s Nora Roberts shows up for her book Rebellion which is a Harlequin Historical - but a dirrently numbered H. Historical line than the one I've listed here. I've listed them here according to their numbers despite the differing publishing.

Masquerade Books #1
Eleanor and the Marquis
Written by Jane Wilby
Published in September 1977 by Harlequin
Artist - W. M. Davis (?)

"I won't marry one but Hugh!" Beatrix was determined, but so was her father. With her impoverished cousin Eleanor, she was shipped off to London where her blond beauty would surely get her a suitable husband. But her aunt, the Dowager Duchess, plotting to make Eleanor, not Beatrix, "the season's rage," asked the aid of her arrogant nephew the Marquis of Trouvaine. And the Marquis was willing...but, in the end, would he destroy Eleanor as he had all the others? Or had he finally met his match?

Harlequin Historical Books #2
The Runaways
Author - Julia Herbert
Published in 1977
Looks like the same line as Masquerade (even the font used for the number is the same) but this is Harlequin Historical. Why they would have two lines for the same purpose I'm not sure. Anyway, on to the synopsis...

She was abducted by Lucifer himself! (I must interrupt here and remind my visitors that the familiar male characteristic for books published in the 1970s and 1980s were references to Lucifer, such as this one, or the male character's last name was Devlin, and their character makeup was always dark and brooding as one imagines the fallen angel might have. In the 1990's this gave way to animalistic references such as "he moved with the grace of a large black panther." Now, here's my question, which is worse? Being compared to the devil or an animal? Just one of those questions - like what's the sound of one hand clapping...okay, moving on...) Georgina White felt no safer now that Richard Barr had rescued her from the powerful Duke of Quinton. And, as they fled, she realized she was confused by her own mixed up emotions. She knew too that for the first time in her life, she had crossed swords with a man she could not rule. When she clutched him, pressing herself against his strong, muscled back, she felt a strange desire. But for what? Was it love? Perhaps she didn't want to rule him. Perhaps she wanted to be ruled.

Masquerade Books #3
A Rose for Danger
Published in September 1977 by Harlequin
Written by Marguerite Bell
Artist - W.M. Davis(?)

Her indifferent heart had never been touched! Every man Juliet had met had tried. was different. She was irritated by the strange reserve of both the mysterious Stephen Thorne and the handsome Sir Nicholas Childe. For the first time in her life Juliet set out to arouse a man's desire. But she met only rebuff and she was sure both men had something to hide. Was one of them the dark highwayman who was terrorizing the lonely roads? If so, did she dare get involved? She began to fear the wild promptings of her heart.

Masquerade Books #6
Author - Valentina Luellen
Published December 1977 by Harlequin
Originally published in 1970 by Robert Hale & Co.
under the title Children of the Devil

Masquerade Books #8
The Devil's Daughter
Author - Marguerite Bell
Published 1978 by Harlequin

Masquerade Books #21
The Crescent Moon
Published in July 1979 Worldwide Library
Originally published by Milton House Books 1973
Written by Shirley Grey
Artist - Unknown

Her heart soared as the king spoke
At last, at long last, Perpetua (what a name huh?) was to have her heart's desire. Gaston, the man she loved, had just been granted permission to marry her. How wonderful the future looked now, Perpetua thought. Surely nothing could mar it! Yet barely had Henri II, King of France, bestowed his blessing when Diane de Poitiers, the King's beloved mistress, cried out in pain and slumped forward in her seat. Oh, no, oh, no! (Yes, this is exactly what it says) Pepetua cried inwardly. For Madame Diane had been poisoned, and it was Gaston who had handed her the goblet of wine...

Masquerade Book #23
Dear Lover England
Author - Pamela Bennetts
Originally published in 1975 as My Dear Lover England by Robert Hale Limited
Copyright 1978, 1975 by Pamela Bennetts
Artist - Unknown

"Many women marry and live in torment...or do not live at all!" An uncomfortable silence fell at the young queen's pronouncement. Everyone knew what she was thinking. Her own mother, the bewitching Anne Boleyn, had paid for her love with death. Elizabeth was not about to meet a similar horrible fate. So while her courtiers buzzed with suggestions that she marry this prince or that king, the queen remained unmoved. For her heart had already been given to a very special lover, and to this lover she would dedicate her entire being...

Masquerade Books #24
Flight from the Eagle
Author - Dinah Dean
Published 1979 Masquerade

He was sick of the violence, the killing. In the face of advaning might of Napoleon's Grande Armee, Major Lev Orlov longed for a return to normality. And the bewitching young countess, whom a bizarre twist of fate had placed in the hands of his band of battle scarred infantrymen, seemed to embody all that was sane and beautiful. Unfortunately, she was now completely at the mercy of these men who hadn't seen a woman in months. Orlove was determined to protect her...but how long could he protect her from his own wild stirrings of desire?

Masquerade Books #25
Maid of the Border
Author - Margaret Rome
Published 1979 Masquerade

Masquerade Books #64
Lady in the Lion's Den
Author - Elaine Reeve
Published 1981

Fear stabbed through Lady Adela's heart. The door to her bedroom was flung open. An enormous Saxon barbarian entered, ordered her to dress, and then dragged her down the stiars to the main room of the man house (where she promptly laid him out on the floor with a kung fu attack...oh, different story, sorry). And there awaiting Adela was the man called Leowulf (not to be confused with Beowulf), a brawny and bearded Saxon leader who was a sworn enemy of Adela's Norman family. He had come to reclain his land and his home from the invading Normans (boy, is he on the wrong side of history)... and his methods were as effective as they were cruel! (once again I reference the kung fu takedown which effectively put him in his place.. well, that's my ending, not the author's).

Masquerade Books #75
Glen of Frost
Author - Belinda Grey
Published October 1981

"Loyalty merely sleeps. It is not dead!" Lachlan's eyes kindled. "Every true Jacobite will fight and if needs be die for the Stuart-as I will!" Fiona shivered. If Lachlan were to die, Glen Seidhe would belong to his brother, Jamie, whose lust for power was far greater than any family ties. And now, with you Prince Charles Stuart calling the clans to his banner (he should have stayed in France, but I digress), Lachlan's vow seemed ominous. For rebellion could turn brother against brother.

Masquerade Books #82
Buccaneer's Lady
Author - Robyn Stuart
Published February 1982

A buccaneer's ship was no place for a woman...The door swung open and Corinna's tine cabin was flooded with light. Hawke took a step toward her. "You little fool!" he blazed. "What the devil are you doing here?" She had hired Hawke to find her missing father and stowed away on board to ensure that he did. Now, seeing his implacable fury, she stood proudly to meet it. "You sail at my orders, Captain Hawke. I have every right to be here." (uh oh, those are fighting words...and Hawke's response?....)"Right?" he bit out savagely. "I'll show you what rights you have aboard my ship!" (Why these female characters in these books put themselves into these situations to begin with is beyond me because now she either has to jump overboard and swim for shore or be at the Captain's beck and call.)

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