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What was this series about?

"Intriguing novels, acclaimed throughout the world as the reading choice of everyone who enjoys the excitement of travel, the danger and the mystery of love."

These were published by Worlwide Library who happened to share an address with Harlequin so I would hazard a guess that these two publishing houses were one in the same just differing lines. I also think that these mystique books were a prelude to the Harlequin Intrigue but in that line they took out the foreign aspect that mystique had.

Mystique Books #61
Intrigue in Morocco
Published in 1980 Wroldwide Library
Written by Coriola - although the copyright says something
totally different - copyright MCMLIII (which would make it 1963)
by Librarie Jules Tallandier as La Troisieme Femme
Artist - unknown (but there is a small single hieroglyph that could be the artist's sign)

The moonless night concealed violence. Bettina went out onto her balcony to savor the cool night air under the starry Moroccan sky. She could hear waves breaking on the shore. But her breath caught as she glanced down the rugged cliff to the sea. A man was climbing the rocks below. Curiousity held her motionless as she waited to see what the intruder would do. Suddenly, the peaceful silence was shattered by a gunshot. Terrified, Bettina ran back into her room. Something mysterious was taking place at the Casbah. Something very dangerous....

Mystique Books #94
Lured by Greed
Written by Alix Andre - although the copyright says something
totally different - copyright MCMLI (which would make it 1961)
by Librarie Jules Tallandier as L'homme des solitudes
Artist - William Biddle (?)
Published in 1980

A terrible memory haunted her...Evlyn gazed in wide eyed horror at the broken and crumpled body of her father. She was four years old when he was killed... No one had dared to investigate his death. Seventeen years later she returned to Corsica. Now she had a chance to buy a copper mine where her father's dream of wealth had been viciously shattered. But Evelyn was unprepared for the storm of emotions her visit provoked and for the opposition she risked. She swore to expose whatever the mine concealed. No price was too high to exact the truth...until her plan enticed the killer's return.

Mystique Books #153
Written by Suzanne Clausse
Published in 1981
Cover Illustration by Tom Bjarnason Inc.

The dancers whirled in mounting frenzy. Serena's heart pounded as the insistent drumbeat of a primitive ritual filled the air. She had come to this remote South American village in a desperate attempt to find her brother. She had to make sure he was still alive....Fascinated, she stared at the dancing villagers. Sun speared off the shiny painted surfaces of their grotesque masks as they twirled in the blistering heat. Suddenly she saw a familiar face among the throng. Could it be...? She pushed her way through the human barricade crushing and squeezing against her. She had to get to him.

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