From the Mists of the Past...These Lost Publications

Published in 1978 by Harlequin Enterprises this magazine was Vol. 6 Number5 in the series and featured short stories and news on travel, crafts, a puzzle, flower of the month, and starscope. There were also sections such as "You asked?" which answered such questions as what happened to a particular author and "Inside Harlequine House" where letters that had been received by the publisher and were along the lines of "...I'm 24 years old, have a college degree and am crazy about your books" or "I'm another of your happy readers that just had to write and let you know..." were printed and shared. The cover on this magazine was painted by Bern Smith and originally appeared on the cover of Harlequin Romance #2041 The Edge of Winter by Betty Neels. Despite the passage of time, and the fact that there was a mixture of both glossy paper and newsprint paper they are still in pretty good shape, albeit yellowing. One item of note: There is a picture of the actors and the pet leopard who were in the feature film "The Leopard in the Snow" based on Anne Mather's book.

Moonlight Romance was published by Jacobs Publications Starlog Group in 1993. On the last page there is a letter from Katheryn Falk of Romantic Times that leads me to believe she had some association with this large format contemporary novel. This is issue #1 and issue #2 was entitled Along Together by Deborah Byington. Rhapsody Romance (see image to the right) was another full length novel, in large format, published by the same folks with the same affiliations but were historical in nature. The one pictured is issue #1 and was set in New York 1885. The story, entitled My Beloved Enemy was written by Elizabeth Bright. Issue #2 which went on sale in July 1993 was by Jane Cox entitled The Rose and the Raven

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