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Alternative Reality Theme

Alternative Reality Themes

Vampire/Werewolf Theme

  1. Midnight Enchantmentby Nancy Gideon
  2. For All Eternity by Linda Lael Miller
  3. Forever and the Night by Linda Lael Miller
  4. Embrace the Night by Amanda Ashley
  5. A Darker Dream by Amanda Ashley
  6. Midnight Kiss by Nancy Gideon
  7. Midnight Temptation by Nancy Gideon
  8. Midnight Surrender by Nancy Gideon
  9. Obsession by Lori Herter
  10. Possession by Lori Herter
  11. Eternity by Lori Herter
  12. Twilight Phantasies by Maggie Shayne
  13. Born in Twilight by Maggie Shayne
  14. These Fallen Angels by Wendy Haley--not strictly a romance
  15. Love Bites by Margaret St. George
  16. Prince of the Night by Jasmine Cresswell
  17. Prince of Wolves by Susan Krinard
  18. Prince of Shadows by Susan Krinard
  19. Sinful Secrets by Thea Devine
  20. Out of the Darkness by Lynn Erickson
  21. Those Who Haunt the Night by Barbara Hambly
  22. The Vampire Viscount by Karen Harbough
  23. Night's Immortal Kiss by Cheryln Jac
  24. Night Walker by Stephanie James
  25. A Deeper Hunger by Sabine Kells
  26. Goodnight my Love by Jeanne Rose
  27. Dark Obsession by Amanda Stevens
  28. Bitter Blood by Karen Taylor
  29. Blood Secrets by Karen Taylor
  30. Blood Ties by Kare nTaylor
  31. Red Death by PN Elrod--not specifically romance
  32. I Vampire by Michael Romkey--not specifically romance

  1. Upon a Mystic Tide by Victoria Barrett
  2. Beside a Dreamswept Sea by Victoria Barrett
  3. Raven in Amber by Patricia Simpson-Ghosts
  4. Whisper of Midnight by Patricia Simpson-Ghosts
  5. Once in a lifetime by Constance o’Day-Flannery-Ghosts
  6. A lady of spirit by Edith Layton-Ghosts
  7. Moon Shadows by Laura Parker-Ghosts
  8. SeaScape: Beyond the Misty Shore by Victoria Barrett-Ghosts
  9. Stardust of Yesterday by Lynn Kurland-Ghosts
  10. Everlasting by Mickee Madden-Ghosts
  11. The Legacy by Patricia Simpson-Ghosts
  12. Almost Heaven by Becky Lee Weyrich-Ghosts

Time Travel/Futuristic/Fantasy

  1. Legacy by Jeanette Baker
  2. Maybe this Time by Victoria Barrett
  3. Festival by Victoria Barrett
  4. Promises from the Past by Vicki Bashor
  5. Wrapped in Wishes by Olga Bicos - Time Travel
  6. Destiny’s Child by Barbara Bretton
  7. A Timeless Treasure by Joyce Carlow
  8. Forever and a Day by Victoria Chancellor
  9. A Ghost of a Chance by Casey Claybourne
  10. A Spirited Seduction by Casey Claybourne
  11. Nick of Time by Casey Claybourne - Time Travel
  12. Lord of the Storm by Justine Davis - Futuristic
  13. The Skypirate by Justine Davis - Futuristic
  14. Destined to Love by Suzanne Elizabeth
  15. Till the End of Time by Suzanne Elizabeth
  16. Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon--Time Travel
  17. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon-Time Travel
  18. Voyager by Diana Gabaldon--Time Travel
  19. Shield's Lady by Amanda Glass
  20. Passionate Warriors by Mary Ellen Groneu
  21. Gentle Conqueror by Mary Ellen Groneu
  22. Reluctant Viking by Sandra Hill
  23. The Outlaw Viking by Sandra Hill
  24. The Last Viking by Sandra Hill
  25. Timeswept Love by Cheryln Jac
  26. Desperado’s Gold by Linda Jones
  27. Knight of a Trillion Stars by Dara Joy-Fantasy/Off world
  28. Rejar by Dara Joy--Fantasy TimeTravel
  29. This Time Together by Susan Leslie Liepitz
  30. Mystic Memories by Susan Leslie Liepitz
  31. Night Lace by Emma Merritt - Time Travel
  32. Knights by Linda Lael Miller - Time Travel
  33. Stitches in Time by Barbara Michaels
  34. A Little Peace and Quiet by Modean Moon
  35. Firestorm by Kathleen Morgan-Futuristic
  36. Quicksilver by Pam McCutcheon-Futuristic
  37. Crystal Fire by Kathleen Morgan-Futuristic
  38. The Door Ajar by Joan Overfield--Regency Time Travel
  39. Time's Tapestry by Joan Overfield - Time Travel
  40. A Tryst in Time by Eugenia Riley
  41. The Forever Bride by Evelyn Rogers
  42. Enchanted Time by Amy Elizabeth Saunders
  43. Lord of Forever by Patricia Simpson
  44. One of These Nights by Susan Sizemore -Time Travel
  45. In My Dreams by Susan Sizemore - Time Travel
  46. Jade by Patricia Simpson - Time Travel
  47. Beloved Captain by JoAnn Simon - Time Travel
  48. Forever Enchanted by Maggie Shayne
  49. Fairytale by Maggie Shayne
  50. The Legacy by Patricia Simpson
  51. The Night Orchid by Patricia Simpson
  52. Just Before Midnight by Patricia Simpson
  53. Mystic Moon by Patricia Simpson
  54. The Lost Goddess by Patricia Simpson
  55. Crystal Fire by Kathleen Morgan--Futuristic
  56. Forever and A Day by Victoria Chancellor--Reincarnation/Paranormal
  57. Not Quite Paradise by Jan Zimlich-Futuristic

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