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MultiCultural Romances (About Time!)

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  1. Shades of desire by Monica White
  2. Bouquet by Roberta Gayle, Anna Larence and Gail McFarland
  3. Love Everlasting by Kayla Perrin
  4. Again, My Love by Kayla Perrin
  5. Sweet Honesty by Kayla Perrin
  6. Midnight Dreams by Kayla Perrin
  7. Wine and Roses - Anthology by Carmen Green, Geri Guillaume, Kaylan Perrin
  8. Whispers of Love by Shirley Hailstock
  9. White Diamonds by Shirley Hailstock
  10. Clara's Promise by Shirley Hailstock
  11. Legacy by Shirley Hailstock
  12. Mirror Image by Shirley Hailstock
  13. Dark Embrace by Crystal Wilson Harris - Contemporary
  14. Naked Soul by Gwynne Forster - Contemporary
  15. Pride and Joi by Gay G. Gunn - Contemporary
  16. Glory of Love by Sinclair LeBeau
  17. Secret Obsession by Charlene Berry
  18. Dark Storm Rising by Chinelu Moore
  19. Careless Whispers by Rochelle Alers
  20. Shadows on the Bayou by Patricia Vaughn - New Orleans 1840s
  21. Topaz, by Beverly Jenkins, Indian territory late 1880s.
  22. Freedom's Song - Patricia Williams - 1870's England and America
  23. Night Song - Beverly Jenkins - 1880's Kansas, all black town
  24. Vivid - Beverly Jenkins - 1880's Midwest, all black town
  25. Indigo by Beverly Jenkins - late 1800's American south
  26. Murmur of Rain - Patricia Vaughn - 1890's Paris and The Caribbean
  27. Moonrise - Roberta Gayle - Mid to late 1800's - Paris and the French countryside
  28. Journey's End - Mildred Riley - 1870's southwest
  29. For the Love of You by Felicia Mason
  30. Body and Soul by Felicia Mason
  31. Seduction by Felicia Mason
  32. Rhapsody by Felicia Mason
  33. Tonight and Forever by Brenda Jackson
  34. Whispered Promises by Brenda Jackson
  35. Eternally Yours by Brenda Jackson
  36. Intimate Betrayal by Donna Hill
  37. Silken Love by Carmen Green
  38. Forever Yours by Francis Ray
  39. Only Hers by Francis Ray
  40. The Heart of the Falcon by Francis Ray
  41. No Ordinary Love by Monique Gilmore
  42. Sealed With a Kiss by Gwynne Forster
  43. Against All Odds by Gwynne Forster
  44. Home Sweet Home, by Rochelle Alers
  45. Reckless Surrender by Rochelle Alers
  46. Hideaway by Rochelle Alers
  47. Carless Whispers by Rochelle Alers
  48. Bands of Gold by Angela Benson
  49. The Way Home by Angela Benson
  50. The Nicest Guy in America by Angela Benson
  51. Between the Lines by Angela Benson
  52. White Lightning by Candice Poarch
  53. With This Kiss by Candice Poarch

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