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Miscellaneous Non-North American Historicals
  1. Siezed by Love by Susan Johnson - Russia
  2. The Silver Devil by Teresa Denys - Renaissance Italy
  3. The Raven and the Rose by Susan Wiggs
  4. Golden Paradise by Susan Johnson--Imperial Russia
  5. Imperial Nights by Olivia O'Neill--Imperial Russia
  6. Stormy Swept by Deborah Martin--18th Cent. Wales
  7. The Thistle and the Rose by May McGoldrick--16th Cent. Scotland
  8. Stormswept by Deborah Martin-18th Cent. Wales
  9. Desert Rose by Erin Yorke--19th Cent. Egypt
  10. The Heart and the Rose by Nancy Richards-Akers--14th Cent. Scotland
  11. Everything and the Moon by Julia Quinn--England
  12. Moonfire by Linda Lael Miller - 19th Cent. New Zealand
  13. Diamonds in the Night by Catherine Linden - Africa and Victorian England
  14. The Corsican Woman by Madge Swindells - Corsica
  15. The Dreaming Tree by Patricia Matthews - 18th Cent. Australia
  16. Love's Illusion by Katherine Sutcliffe -- Victorian London
  17. The Reluctant Ghost by Sheila Rosalynd Allen - Regency
  18. Matched Pair by Eva Rutland - Regency
  19. A Grand Gesture by Holly Newman
  20. The Master's Touch by Lynda Trent - 19th Cent. Italy
  21. Island of the Swans by Ciji Ware - 18th cent. Scotland
  22. Seduced by Catherine Lanigan -- Venice
  23. Samara by Patricia Potter - 1812 France and Britain
  24. Empire ofthe Heart by Jasmine Craig - Afghanistan, England Historical
  25. Heart of the Hermit Kingdom by Cindy Victor - 19th Cent. Korea
  26. Militant Heart by Sue Deobold - Edwardian England
  27. Bold Land Bold Love by Connie Mason - Historic 1807 Australia
  28. Midnight Captive by Penelope Neri - Historic Argentina
  29. Silver Nights by Jane Feather - Czarist Russia

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