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Starting at Home - The United States of America


  1. Full House by Jackie Wagner
  2. Loving Evangeline by Linda Howard

  1. Borrowed Dreams by Debbie Macomber
  2. Northern Magic by Janet Dailey

  1. Call it Destiny by Jayne Ann Krentz
  2. A Man Without Love by Beverly Bird
  3. A Man Without a Wife by Beverly Bird
  4. Night Way by Janet Dailey

  1. Another Kind of Love by Mary Lynn Baxter
  2. Sweet Seduction by Wanda Owen--19th Cent. Arkansas

  1. Deceptions by Annette Broadrick
  2. The Cutting Edge by Linda Howard
  3. This Time Together by Susan Leslie Liepitz
  4. No Surrender by Lindsay McKenna San Francisco CA
  5. Love's Miracles by Sandra Lee Smith - Northern California
  6. Forever the Dream by Mary Pershall - Monterey California 1878
  7. Dandelion by Bronwyn Williams- North Carolina coastal region 1700s
  8. Frontiers of Heart by Lucy Elliot - California frontier
  9. My Dearest Love by Diana Haviland--California Gold Rush

  1. If There Be Love by Ginna Gray
  2. Stormwalker by Dallas Schulze

  1. Straight from the Heart by Barbara Delinsky
  2. Difficult Decision by Janet Dailey

  1. Author's Choice by Elizabeth August

  1. Dream Come Ture by Ann Major
  2. Southern Nights by Janet Dailey
  3. Diamond Bay by Linda Howard
  4. Heartbreaker by Linda Howard
  5. Dream Man by Linda Howard
  6. A Question of Honor by Lindsay McKenna - He's a US Coast Guard, Miami Fl.
  7. Scandalous Suzanne by Glenda Sanders--Pre Civil War Florida
  8. Southern Nights by Susan Weldon--19th Cent. Florida

  1. Way of the Willow by Linda Shaw
  2. Renegade Hearts by Carolyn Chase--Georgia 1700s

  1. Tangles Lies by Anne Stuart
  2. Kona Winds by Janet Dailey
  3. Almost Paradise by Candace Schuler - Hawaii

  1. Rogue's Valley by Kathleen Creighton
  2. Ride the Thunder by Janet Dailey
  3. White Out by Linda Howard

  1. Paradise by Judith McNaught
  2. Love by Proxy by Diana Palmer
  3. That Wilder Man by Susan Leslie Liepitz

  1. Possibles by Lass Small
  2. Loving Jenny by Theresa Weir - Indiana

  1. Kiss Yesterday Goodbye by Leigh Michaels

  1. A Time to Keep by Curtiss Ann Matlock
  2. Mating Season by Janet Dailey

  1. One Pale, Fawn Glove by Linda Shaw

  1. Bayou Midnight by Emilie Richards
  2. Someone to Watch Over Me by Helen Myers
    - he's an owner of a roadside lounge she's a waitress there
  3. Phantom Filly by Caroline Burnes (Harl. Intrig.) - New Orleans
  4. Natchez by Pamela Jekel--19th Cent. Louisianna

  1. Rocky Road by Anne Stuart
  2. Enigma by Eva Gladstone - Coast of Maine (Harl Intrg from 1989)
  3. Carried Away by Jill Barnett--19th Cent. Maine

  1. The Love Thing by Dixie Browning
  2. The Valentine Legacy by Catherine Coulter--1822 Baltimore and Outer Banks
  3. Rebel's Kiss by Carolyn Chase--Maryland 1700s

  1. Pros and Cons by Bethany Campbell
  2. So Sweet a Sin by Brooke Hastings - Boston (pre-revolutionary)
  3. The Smuggler's Embrace by Carolyn Chase--Massachusetts 1700s

  1. To Tame a Wolf by Anne McAllister
  2. Winter Love by Norah Hess--Frontier Michigan
  3. Vivid by Beverly Jenkins--1876 Michigan

  1. Winter Lady by Janet Joyce
  2. Giant of Mesabi by Janet Dailey

  1. After the Storm by Rebecca Flanders
  2. A Tradition of Pride by Janet Dailey

  1. Show Me by Janet Dailey
  2. Choices by Annette Broadrick
  3. Hers Forever by Wendy Garrett--19th Cent. St. Louis

  1. Wrangler's Lady by Jackie Merritt
  2. Duncan's Bride by Linda Howard
  3. Part of the Bargain by Linda Lael Miller
  4. This Calder Sky by Janet Dailey
  5. Stands a Calder Man by Janet Dailey
  6. Calder Born, Calder Bred by Janet Dailey
  7. This Calder Range by Janet Dailey
  8. The Splendored Sky by Jeanne Stephens
  9. Like Wildfire by Anne Peters - Montana (SD # )

  1. Secrets of Tyrone by Regan Forest
  2. Boss Man from Ogallala

  1. Nobody's Baby by Barbara Bretton
  2. Reilly's Woman by Janet Dailey
  3. Mystery Lady by Jackie Merritt

New Hampshire
  1. Natural Attraction by Marisa Carroll
  2. By Fate’s Design by Delia Parr--Mid 19th Cent. New Hampshire

New Jersey
  1. One of the Boys by Janet Dailey
  2. Moments Harsh, Moments Gentle by Joan Hohl

New Mexico
  1. Ritual Sins by Anne Stuart
  2. Hideaway by Meryl Sawyer
  3. Land of Enchantment by Janet Dailey
  4. Within Reach by Marilyn Pappano
  5. Seize the Fire by Patricia Potter - 1860s Arizona and New Mexico
  6. Midnight Lover by Barbara Bretton - Nevada 1870s
New York
  1. Beware of the Stranger by Janet Dailey
  2. In Good Faith by Judith McWilliams
  3. Independent Wife by Linda Howard
  4. Riverside Drive by Laura Van Wormer - Manhattan
  5. Dance With a Stranger by Kit Garland--19th Cent. Paris, London and NY

North Carolina
  1. The Security Man by Dixie Browning
  2. That Carolina Summer by Janet Dailey

North Dakota
  1. A Class Act by Kathleen Eagle
  2. Lord of the High Lonesome by Janet Dailey

  1. Too Near the Fire by Lindsay McKenna
  2. Come Gentle the Dawn by Lindsay McKenna - Canton, Ohio

  1. A Time and a Season by Curtiss Ann Matlock
  2. Six White Horses by Janet Dailey

  1. To Tell the Truth by Janet Dailey
  2. Uneasy Alliance by Jayne Ann Krentz
  3. Persistent Lady by Jackie Merritt
  4. Journey on the Wind by Kay L. McDonald--Oregon 1842

  1. The Thawing of Mara by Janet Dailey
  2. The Wrong Man by Ann Major
  3. Fair Game by Doreen Owens Malek - Philadelphia
  4. Candy Kiss by Ginny Aiken-1895 Pennsylvania

Rhode Island
  1. The Bargain by Patricia Coughlin
  2. Strange Bedfellows by Janet Dailey

South Carolina
  1. The Last Frontier by Rebedda Flanders
  2. Low Country Liar by Janet Dailey
  3. Silver Creek Challenge by Amanda Lee - South Carolina (Sil. Des.)
  4. Indigo Fire by Krista Janssen--Colonial South Carolina

South Dakota
  1. For Old Times' Sake by Kathleen Eagle
  2. Dakota Dreamin by Janet Dailey

  1. To Love a Dreamer by Ruth Langan
  2. Sentimental Journey by Janet Dailey

  1. For the Love of Mike by Candace Schuler
  2. Sarah's Child by Linda Howard
  3. Best Kept Secrets by Sandra Brown

  1. To Tame the Hunter by Stephanie James
  2. A Land Called Deseret by Janet Dailey
  3. Reckless Love by Elizabeth Lowell - Utah 1800s

  1. Green Mountain Man by Janet Dailey
  2. Finders Keepers by Carla Neggers

  1. The Devlin Dare by Cathy Gillen Thacker
  2. Tidewater Lover by Janet Dailey
  3. SeaFaring Stranger by Carolyn Chase--Virginia 1700s

  1. The Waiting Game by Jayne Ann Krentz
  2. For Mike's Sake

West Virginia
  1. All in the Family by Heather Graham Pozzessere
  2. Wild and Wonderful by Janet Dailey

  1. Starstruck by Anne McAllister
  2. With a Little Luck by Janet Dailey

  1. Mackenzie's Mountain by Linda Howard
  2. Special Touches by Sharon Brandos
  3. Darling Jenny by Janet Dailey
  4. Absolute Beginners by Courtney Ryan

Washington DC
  1. Return of a Hero by Lindsay McKenna Washington DC
  2. Dream Spinners by Cathy Gillen Thacker - Washington DC/Georgetown
  3. The White Rose by Brittany Young - Washington DC

Around the World (see also General Historicals):

  1. On the Run by Leigh Daniels - jungles of Central America
  2. Echoes on the Wind by Tina Vasilos - Greece
  3. Out of the Ashes by Emilie Richards - Australia
  4. A Dangerous Kind of Man by Naomi Horton - Canadian Cascades

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