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North American Historicals

North American Historicals
  1. Winter Love by Norah Hess--Frontier Michigan
  2. The Valentine Legacy by Catherine Coulter--1822 Baltimore and Outer Banks
  3. Indigo Fire by Krista Janssen--Colonial South Carolina
  4. Rebel's Kiss by Carolyn Chase--Maryland 1700s
  5. SeaFaring Stranger by Carolyn Chase--Virginia 1700s
  6. Renegade Hearts by Carolyn Chase--Georgia 1700s
  7. The Smuggler's Embrace by Carolyn Chase--Massachusetts 1700s
  8. Gabrielle by Veronica Sattler--18th Cent. France and America
  9. Scandalous Suzanne by Glenda Sanders--Pre Civil War Florida
  10. My Dearest Love by Diana Haviland--California Gold Rush
  11. Journey on the Wind by Kay L. McDonald--Oregon 1842
  12. Vivid by Beverly Jenkins--1876 Michigan
  13. Candy Kiss by Ginny Aiken-1895 Pennsylvania
  14. Natchez by Pamela Jekel--19th Cent. Louisianna
  15. Carried Away by Jill Barnett--19th Cent. Maine
  16. Sweet Seduction by Wanda Owen--19th Cent. Arkansas
  17. Hers Forever by Wendy Garrett--19th Cent. St. Louis
  18. By Fate’s Design by Delia Parr--Mid 19th Cent. New Hampshire
  19. Dance With a Stranger by Kit Garland--19th Cent. Paris,London and NY
  20. Southern Nights by Susan Weldon--19th Cent. Florida
  21. Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer - historical georgia
  22. Virginia Vixen by Kay McMahon - historical Williamsburg, Virginia
  23. Forever the Dream by Mary Pershall - Monterey California 1878
  24. Dandelion by Bronwyn Williams- North Carolina coastal region 1700s
  25. Frontiers of Heart by Lucy Elliot - California frontier
  26. So Sweet a Sin by Brooke Hastings - Boston (pre-revolutionary)

Civil War/Reconstruction Theme

  1. Always to Remember by Lorraine Heath
  2. You Belong to My Heart by Nan Ryan
  3. Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen Woodiwiss
  4. Rebel by Bernard Cornwell--not specifically romance
  5. Blind Fortune by Marti Jones--Antebellum Alabama
  6. Outlaw Hearts by Suzannah Davis - Civil War
  7. Destiny and Desire by Kathryn Kramer - Civil War
  8. Glory's Mistress by Lynna Lawton - Civil War / Old South

American West

  1. Reckless Love by Elizabeth Lowell - Utah 1800s
  2. Seize the Fire by Patricia Potter - 1860s Arizona and New Mexico
  3. Midnight Lover by Barbara Bretton - Nevada 1870s
  4. The Marshal and the Heiress by Patricia Potter--1860s Texas
  5. Heart of the Hawk by Justine Dare
  6. Daisy by Leigh Greenwood
  7. Forever in Texas by Jodi Thomas
  8. Fearless by Alexandra Thorne
  9. The Seduction of Samantha Kincade by Maggie Osborne
  10. Young Man's Darling by Lee Scofield
  11. Forever my Love by LeRee Bryant
  12. Skye's West: Santa Fe by Richard S. Wheeler--not specifically romance
  13. Passionate Possession by Gwen Cleary - 1800s american west - camel expeditions to Nevada
  14. Surrender by Moonlight by Rosalind Foxx - historical california / mexico he's russian
  15. The Wager by Robin Lee Hatcher - american historical western she's a minister's daughter, he's a cowboy.
  16. Stormfire by Carol Finch - american historical western - oklahoma
  17. The Touchstone by Lynn Ericson - american historical western - New Mexico - native american theme (he's apache)

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