Top Ten Categories
Occupational Themes
Private Detective / Law Enforcement
Kings, Gamblers and Oil Barrons
Models / Actors / Entertainers
Cowboys / Ranchers / Rodeo Stars
Corporate Businessmen or Entrepreneurs
Doctor and Lawyers
Everything Else

I thought I'd put these up prior to getting them formally organized so that there was something here for you to access.
  1. Windflower by Laura London - Pirate
  2. Touch of Fire by Emily Carmichael - Pirate / Barbados plantation
  3. Captain's Conquest by Christine Elliot - Jamaica
  4. Eden's Promise by Cassie Edwards - pirate

  5. Sheer Pleasures by Stella Cameron - Navy SEAL
  6. Beginnings by Eileen Nauman - He's a lumber baron and she's a coast guard helicopter pilot.
  7. Summer Lightning by Sandra James - He's the son of a timber magnate she's an inn keeper.
  8. Doctors and Lovers by Jane Toombs - doctors
  9. Waiting for Lila by Billie Green - doctors
  10. Hagen Strikes Again by Kay Hooper - Secret Intelligence
  11. Night Secrets by Francs Williams - Secret Agents (SIM )
  12. The Silver Bullet Affair by Sandra Chastain - he's an owner of a chocolate factory
  13. Stevie Lee by Glenna McReynolds - Rocky Mountains - he tends bar, she owns it
  14. The Right Moves by Jan Hudson - he's a exotic night club owner
  15. On Wings of Agnels by Aimee Duvall - he's the orwner of an air pharmaceutical delivery service and she's the new pilot
  16. Home to the Cowboy by Bobby Hutchinson - rodeo champion she's a veterinarian
  17. The Thrill of Victory by Erin St. Claire - he's a tennis star
  18. A Question of Honor by Lindsay McKenna - He's a US Coast Guard, Miami Fl.
  19. Beguiled Again by Patricia Burroughs - she's a commercial jingle singer he's an accountant
  20. Marriage by the Book by Joan Johnston - He's a political science professor
  21. Desperate Measures by Paula Detmer Riggs - he's a FBI undercover agent
  22. Sister Wolf by Barbara Turner - he's a mining company troubleshooter
  23. Double Identity by Jennifer Mikel - she's a piano teacher he's a private investigator
  24. Informed Risk by Robyn Carr - he's a fire fighter
  25. Mr. Right by Barbar Catlin - Dude Ranch - he's a cattleman
  26. A Man of Mystery by Maggi Charles - Video Store Owner
  27. Any Thursday by Peggy Webb - whale biologist and investigative reporter
  28. Bound to Happen by Mary Kay McComas - Land researcher / property slated for ski resort
  29. Seasons by Lauren Bauman - he's a Mennonite farmer
  30. Through My Eyes by Barbara Delinsky - She's an artist/ he's a lawyer
  31. Deep Secrets by Dawn Stewardson - wildlife photographer
  32. Dancing in the Dark by Jennifer Greene - biological anthropologist
  33. The Medicine Man by Melodie Adams - herbal nutritionist
  34. Return of a Hero by Lindsay McKenna Washington DC
  35. Dream Spinners by Cathy Gillen Thacker - Washington DC/Georgetown
  36. The White Rose by Brittany Young - Washington DC
  37. Phoenix Rising by Mary Kirk - truck driver