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We like to think of this as a virtual art gallery featuring the enourmous talents of cover illustrators. Sit back, relax and sip some virtual chilled white wine while you cruise through the various rooms and view the past covers that have graced this web site and the collections that can be used as a source of reference.

And let's remember, the cover art is owned by the artist or the publishing company and this is only a reference website so don't muck things up and do anything wrong with the images - like claim them for yourself. That's just not cool. Enjoy the images, buy the book if you like it's cover art, and that way the author, the artist, the publisher and the local book store all get the money they need to live life. What I'm saying here is that these images are copyrighted and displaying them is understood to be under the fair use provisions of the federal copyright act. This is a fan site. Thank you.

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1. John Jakes
2. Gallery 2 - I've scanned the covers of the books I've read and still own in my library that takes up over 2/3rds of my house. I'm talking floor to ceiling book shelves. This project - of making sure that the books and the art that caught your attention - started in 1994 Bethesda, Maryland, and continues on today. There are over 3000 covers here - yep, 3000 books, and as such it is a huge resource hog. Be patient. It does look best with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. There is something here for everyone. Science Fiction - old, classic, and new. Same with the westerns - classics that no one remembers (so sad), and newer ones. Lots of romance.

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